Visiting pilots in Valencia

If you are a paragliding pilot intent on flying in the Valencia region of Spain, here you can find some useful information:

If you´d like personalised coaching regarding a flying zone, we offer coaching tandem flights.


Generally, provides good forecast models for the region.

The spanish weather service has some surface pressure maps, that you should keep an eye on. There are probably over 300 flyable days in the year, but be especially cautious if:

  • A strong cold front is approaching
  • There is a strong pressure difference and strong winds with a westerly component forecast
  • If both circumstances come together, don´t risk getting caught in a pre-frontal gust wave.

Post-frontal weather often provides excellent XC conditions. In the summer, a bit of humidity goes a long way to make the air smoother.

Go for ambitious XC flights in the interior in the summer, with strong and violent conditions in the middle of the day, or enjoy laminar air closer to the coast in the long evenings. Avoid landing in the middle of the day if possible.

In the winter, enjoy smooth thermal flights in the middle of the day, tuning your skills for light lift in beautiful light.

In Spring and Autumn there is a chance for beautiful and long flights in the company of innocent clouds with a high base.