Tandem flight process

We mostly fly in Villar del Arzobispo, an ideal site that is a short drive from Valencia city. It provides great and reliable conditions in the summer.

Access is easy with a car, and we take-off and land from the same place.

Flights take place every evening with good weather – which are most evenings – in the summer. Take-off and landings are easy, because of the reliable and comfortable sea breeze.

The typical process is as follows:

  1. We meet at the take-off or another predefined location at the given time, usually early in the afternoon.
  2. Paperwork is filled out for legal and insurance purposes. We make some basic checks, such as adecuate clothing.
  3. Sometimes, we´ll wait a bit for ideal conditions. You may have some time to enjoy the views or even take a short walk nearby.
  4. We´ll kit you up.
  5. You will be briefed on the take-off procedure.
  6. We prepare the glider for take-off, performing some safety checks on the wing and lines.
  7. We attach you to the pilot and glider. Last safety checks are performed.
  8. Take-Off. You may be required to walk or run a few steps.
  9. We enjoy the flight.
  10. We land safely, generally at the same take-off site.
  11. We un-kit and de-brief briefly.
  12. If you ordered a flight video, we´ll send it the next day. Please allow some time for processing and editing.
A happy passenger after landing