Recommendations and requirements

Take into account these recommendations for your flight:

  • If you posess them, wear hiking boots with ankle protection.
  • Bring a long sleaved jacket or light wind-breaker, even if it´s hot.
  • Bring sunglasses.
  • Bring long trousers and avoid shorts or skirts.
  • If possible, bring your own gloves. Otherwise, we´ll provide some.
  • Generally, we´ll edit the video for you (in case you ordered the optional video). However, if you want to edit it yourself, bring a micro SD card (U1, class10).
  • The duration of the whole activity may be a half hour to an hour, but ensure that you come with enough time. Our schedules are loose and change with the weather. Plan to spend the whole evening in a cool setting in the hills.
  • Starting times may vary depending on passenger weight. We try to have each person fly in the best possible conditions for them. Please be patient if we decide to take a heavier passenger out first, while the wind is stronger.
  • And above all: come ready to enjoy nature and have lot´s of fun!

Also, take into account these requirements:

  • Paraglding is a Sport, and generally requires that you are fit enough to run a few steps on uneven terrain without tripping.
  • However, if you have any health or mobility issues, let us know. We´ll normally be able to accomodate them but will need to know in advance.
  • Minimum passenger weight is 35kg and height is 150cm. Again, let us know if you´d like us to acommodate an exception (we´ll need to organise a special harness).
  • Maximum passenger weight is 100kg, but again, let us know because we may be able to acommodate heavier passengers.
  • And above all: come ready to enjoy nature and have lot´s of fun!

A note about basic physical needs

Paragliding is an adventure activity that normally takes place in nature, away from towns and cities. Although our flying sites in Valencia have good access and are a fun place to chill for all the family, take into account the following circumstances:

  • As an activity that takes place in nature, don´t count on finding toilets or running water!
    If nature calls, there are plenty of pine trees to hide behind, but don´t leave any paper towels or other trash, and preferably bury your biodegradable waste or take it back.
  • Ensure you always have some water, especially in the summer. In most villages such as Villar del Arzobispo you can find public fountains to refill drinking water.

Don´t hesitate to let us know if you require any assistence.