Paragliding.Fun has a clear philosophy and clear principles. They are quite simple:

1- Safety First

We do everything possible to ensure safety. After all, the way to maximise fun is to have lots of it for a long time!

We help other pilots where possible, ensure our training level is kept high, practice in-flight incidents regularly. We also use only equipment in good condition that is revised regularly by a specialist third party – and more frequently by ourselves-.

2- Respect

One of the enriching aspects of paragliding is that it brings us into contact with a diversity of people, places and nature. We nourish nature where possible, respect and seek to aid local communities and of course, love working with people from all walks of life!

3- Fun!

Not to forget, that´s what it´s all about!

Fun means constant exploration, contact with nature and absorbing the richness of life in all sorts of ways. Paragliding brings many things into perspective and reminds us of important lessons in a materialistic, stressful, modern world.

It´s a super accesible way to rediscover our childhood playfulness, enter meditative states of flow, relax while just hanging and enjoying the views, or pump some adrenaline and get rid of stress!


Shared Fun is double Fun!

We seek to Maximise Fun while not compromising the other two principles.