Pilot profile

Pablo Rohrssen is the name behind Parapente.Fun / Gliding.Fun / Paragleiten.Fun

Pablo Rohrssen enjoying a springtime flight with his wife, somewhere in Spain 😉

I´m passionate about all types of paragliding flights, and this project is born from the desire to share the fun in the air! My basic principle is to never stop learning, improving and exploring.

  • Born 1986 in Germany
  • First paraglider flight in 2007, while studying aeronautical engineering in Madrid
    Basic paragilding course, Escuela Parapente Madrid, 2007
  • G-Force training to 7G, Flugschule Hochries, 2016
  • German Paragliding license (A-Schein), Flugschule Oberaudorf, 2017
  • Safety in Flight training (incident provocation and resolution), Sky Club Austria, 2017
  • Safety in Flight training (incident provocation and resolution), Xandi Menschuh, 2018
  • XC Pilot license (B-Schein), Gleitschirmschule24, 2019
  • Access exam for Tandem License, 2020
  • Medical certification for pilots, LAPL, Munich 2020
    Necessary to do tandem flights in some EU countries. Valid for 5 years.
  • Tandem License, Flugschule Phönix, 2020
  • Curso Perfeccionamiento Biplaza, Escuela Parapente Valencia, 2021
  • Tandem license recognition in Spain, FADA, 2022
  • Paragliding Aerobatics (Acro) course, Xandi Menschuh, 2023

I fly as much as possible, and constantly explore ways to improve and refine my techniques.

If I don´t have availabilty, I may refer you to other certified, professional, pilots that I highly respect and would fly with myself (this is not a given).