Paragliding in Villar del Arzobispo

Villar del Arzobispo, previously Villar de la Libertad, is the main flying site in Valencia

Villar del Arzobispo is the main flying site in Valencia and by far the most popular. We recommend to visit it, as a starting point to get in contact with the local flying community.

It´s an excellent site for practicing Top-Landings and generally an easy, beginner friendly site that provides some interesting challenges for more experienced XC pilots.

There is an emergency landing field below, too.

Exploring other sites should generally be done once contact to the local flying community is established and under guidance as most have particularities to take into account. There are also some important considerations when intending to fly at Villar del Arzobispo.

Site Rules and Recommendations

  • The site is closed during the hunting season, generally from the beginning of November until the middle or end of Febuary. An informal Air Carnaval takes place to celebrate the opening in Febuary. It´s not closed every day, check the latest status to be sure if you are here in the winter.
  • The Site is located directly under one of the approach routes of commercial aircraft to Valencia Airport. Paragliding and visual flight rules are permitted up to the altitude of 1220m above sea level.
  • It also lies within a military danger zone, and close to some ultralight airfields. Helicopter, general aviation traffic and other aircraft sometimes pass low through the valley. Military excercises are published in NOTAMS.
  • This is a school site that has pilots of all levels flying. Be wary of Students, inexperienced pilots and Tandems and give them enough space.
  • Groundhandling is permitted but should be aborted when another pilot is landing or taking off.
  • Ensure to prepare your equpment to the side.
  • Don´t park along the approach path for landing.
  • Take care of the take-off and help maintain it. Take your rubbish, bury any excrements and in general be respectful of the environment.


From spring until Autumn the weather follows the following pattern:

  • Main wind direction in the iberian peninsula is West.
  • During the day the sun will warm the landmass, creating an Easterly sea breeze.
  • This will sometimes establish itself violently with strong gusts sometime during the middle of the day or early afternoon.
  • The wind strength will die down gradually, also becomming more laminar and with less thermal influence.

This produces excellent and reliable soaring conditions in the evening. But remember to be aware of the general weather situation, especially when extremely strong West winds are prevalent or there is a risk of overdevelopment.


Access to the take-off or landing is by car. The dirt road from Villar del Arzobispo is in good condition. There is also a footpath from the emergency landing field (20 min walk, 150m height difference).

Carnaval over Villar del Arzobispo
A good summer evening in Villar del Arzobispo