Other Sites in the Valencia Area

Apart from Villar del Arzobispo, some other common sites include:

  • Santa Pola in Alicante. This site is in the CTR and it´s required to register at a local club or school prior to flying here. The site is opened on a daily basis requiring permission from ATC.
  • Palomaret near Alicante. This popular site has many possibilities but is suffering slightly from overcrouding lately. Ensure you enquire about the situation locally. Access with a vehicle may be restricted.
  • Figueroles near Castellón. Be sure to take up contact with the local community prior to flying here.
  • La Serrranía is a region in the interior (east of Valencia), with low mountains surrounded by rolling plains and multiple take-offs in every possible wind direction. It generally has the highest base, less airspace restrictions (but occasional traffic) and lots of landings. The flying here is extremely versatile but also quite technical. The take-offs are relativly low and it´s great for easy H&F. Sites here include:
    • Aras de los Olmos
    • Cerro Negro
    • Cabezo
    • Alpuente
    • Higueruelas
    • Titaguas
  • Other sites: there are many other sites but a few have hidden perils or restrictions. It´s highly recommended to take up contact with a local pilot first.
    If you´re a beginner and would like a flying introduction to a local site, you can book a coaching tandem flight. 😉

On our youtube channel: gliding fun we have some videos with images of typical flying in the region.